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Michael Corbally
Senior Vice President
Syncora Holdings Ltd.

Michael Corbally is Chief Administrative Officer/Chief of Staff, a member of Syncora’s executive management committee and the senior manager responsible for the Board of Directors.


Mr. Corbally joined Syncora at the time of the company’s initial public offering in August 2006, after serving as Director of Administration for XL Financial Services. Prior to that, he was Chief Operating Officer of XL Weather & Energy, a subsidiary of XL Capital Ltd. providing businesses with weather and power outage risk management products.  As one of the five founding partners of XL Weather & Energy (formerly Element Re Capital Products), he joined XL Capital in December 2000 as Executive Vice President responsible for the company’s weather trading operations. Prior to that in 1996, he helped develop and build the weather risk management operation of Enron North America and ultimately became a Director responsible for its U.S. and European weather trading portfolio. Previously, he was European Policy Manager for the Food & Drink Federation, a membership organization representing and advising UK food and drink manufacturers.


Mr. Corbally holds a BSc in Environmental Health from Leeds Metropolitan University and an MBA from the University of Brighton.

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